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We strive to provide our customers with the best products at a reasonable price. Check out our selections. Call us if you would like more information.


Wise Woman Tea

This product is one of our most popular. The constituents in this blend are designed to address menopause related issues: hot flashes, bone loss, and to protect the bones and tissues. The raspberry leaf and red clover elements make this a tasty way to manage this transition. The plant testosterone in the gokshura berry contributes to more bone density, muscle, glow, and libido.

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Immune Boost

This herbal blend combines a synergy of super herbs to maximize your immune defense.

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This tea is a blend of five herbs with Blood Pressure lowering characteristics.  When used in conjunction with your doctor's guidance and holistic practices you'll be good as gold in no time.

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This blend is selected for its relaxing properties. Pair this with some slow, deep nostril breath and you have a recipe for a remarkably calm day. This blend is perfect before a great night's sleep. The muscle-relaxing kava makes this a great choice before a massage.

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Happy Gut and Digestion

Health starts with the gut.  If you struggle with indigestion, poor elimination or discomfort in your belly, this blend will sooth and bring you back into balance so that your elimination is easy and healthy.

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